We are physically active women who positively and creatively impact the people and the world around us. Join us and celebrate the sweaty adventures of life!

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Who We Are

There are literally millions active women around the world - each of us doing "our thing". So why not create a space for us to come together to share, promote, and encourage our sweaty lifestyles?

Go. Do. Be. SweatyShe was born out of the idea that women impact the world in many ways and a large part of that is us GOing out into the world, DOing what we love, and BEing who we are. Whether it's a 15 minute walk around the block or a 3,000 mile cross country bike race, it all counts! We perspire to inspire.

SweatyShe also believes in giving back to our community. We have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year as well as offering a free SweatyShe 5K run/walk. We also get together once a month for our "hydration happy hour" or a SweatyShe workout. So if you are in the Austin, Texas area, come join us! If you are not, we encourage you to start your own SweatyShe movement in your community. We can post it on our website and even send out SweatyShe temporary tattoos! Just let us know how we can help.

In the mean time, laugh with our weekly SweatyShe blog posts and be part of our online community through
Facebook and connect up with like-minded Shes. Let us know what you are doing to stay sweaty! Go. Do. Be.

Blog: www.sweatyshe.com
Web: www.sweatyshe.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sweatyshe
e-mail: haironfire @ sweatyshe.com



Photo 1: Shiner B.A.S.H. Bike Ride - SweatyShe Waterstop
Photo 2: Girls On the Run 5K - SweatyShe Finish Line Support

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